Current options for having another child following sterilisation involve having in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or surgical rejoining of the fallopian tubes or vas. There are significant medical and financial considerations in the choice of treatment and we believe we are best suited to guide you in making this decision.

We are a leading provider of reversal of sterilisation procedures for Australian and overseas men and women but are also involved with highly successful IVF units. We can therefore provide you with the most suitable treatment for your particular situation.

Our results have consistently proven that surgery can be equal or more successful than in vitro fertilisation when couples are wanting to have more children following tubal ligation or vasectomy. Following adequate discussion however the final decision is always left to you.

The surgical procedures we use ensure that males and females have same day discharge following surgery allowing rapid recovery without compromising outcomes.

Males have reversal of vasectomy with incisions that are no bigger than the original vasectomy operation.

Females have telescope laparoscopic or “keyhole surgery” resulting in rapid recovery and return to full activity.

Our results have confirmed that women over 40 have a significantly higher “take home baby” successful outcome than when undergoing in vitro fertilization. (Petrucco 2007)