We are committed to helping couples to achieve healthy live births and strive to keep costs down by using minimally invasive techniques.

When taking into consideration the choice of whether to undergo IVF or microsurgical reversal of sterilization,  as certified fertility specialists with extensive assisted conception treatment experiences, we have the expertise in assessing the fertility of the couple to provide patients with an unbiased comparison of the likely success rate of the two approaches available to them (IVF or surgical sterilization reversal) and to assist them make the right choice.

Because each patients circumstances differ,  out of pocket expenses for those with health insurance will vary significantly based on your health fund, the level of  insurance you have taken out and any applicable gaps or excess.  Patients without health insurance will be liable for the full fees.

A/Prof Petrucco and Dr Lok will discuss the costs in full once your treatment plan and the above factors have been determined.